Armadale & District War Memorial Association

Registered Scottish Charity No. SC044493

Old War Memorial

The Armadale & District War Memorial is currently situated adjacent to the south side wall of the Armadale Masonic Hall in South Street.


The War Memorial is not a prominent feature in Armadale, and is very easy to miss.


The War Memorial itself is not in the best condition.




The original name plagues have verdigris, and the new plaques are not in keeping with the old plaques.



The brickwork and pointing are deteriorating.


In recent years the attendance at the annual Remembrance Sunday Parade in Armadale has increased, we now see, Councillors, Serving Soldiers, Veterans, Cadets, Boys & Girls Brigade, Scouts, Girl Guides, School Children & Teachers ( both Armadale & Blackridge), relatives of the District’s Soldier who died and fought, and the representatives from the local community.



Due to a new Nursery being built on the ground in front of the War Memorial, the area where the Parade has its Service of Remembrance is now too small to accommodate all that attend.


The Plan

The Armadale & District War Memorial Association has been formed by four members of the Armadale & District Community, who believe that Armadale & District deserve a new dedicated memorial that recognises both all those from the District that have made the supreme sacrifice, and all those from the District that have served in the Armed Forces.

Armadale now needs a central focal point that recognises all branches of the armed forces and all theatres of war in which they served. The Armadale & District War Memorial Association aims to put that right, a campaign that with the help of the people from the District we will win.

Artists Impression of the New War Memorial.

We invite the public to organise their own fundraising events, which we will gladly help in any way we can.


George Wilson – Chairman

Tom Gordon – Vice Chairman

Marion Hutton – Hon. Secretary

Hugh Cockburn – Hon. Treasurer



If you would like to make a donation, please make your cheques payable to “Armadale War Memorial” and send them to:


Armadale War Memorial

C/O The Royal Scots Museum

The Castle